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Survival and Joy in the Journey


It doesn’t take much to hear, see or experience bad news in the course of our day. I’m not just talking about what the media outlets splash on the internet and TV broadcasts announcing new alarming information about terrorism, mayhem, and an epidemic of mental health crisis, addiction,  sexually transmitted diseases, violence, and murder.  But to me as a physician, “bad news” is the sobering and real personal stories that I, and a multitude of medical providers and first responders, hear daily from real people whose life’s journey has been tainted, wronged by others, derailed, messed up, threatened, and turned upside down.

Long after the sensational headline news have generated high ratings, and the attention span of a temporarily captured audience has weaned and dissipated, there remains the  brokenness of many a soul, body, mind, and spirit that yearn to heal and to survive the remainder of his/her life’s journey. Many amongst us are hurt by life’s experiences , confused, feeling unloved and immersed in worthlessness. Many are hopeless, and in a constant quest for love, peace, and hope.

Friend, each one of us must not only know the skills needed to survive the journey of life with its daily avalanche of  adversities and bad news, but we must find contentment, peace, rest, hope and joy in the journey.  

How equipped are we today, in our post modern world, to face life’s bad news and adversities? Unfortunately, with the influx of fleeting and virtual online-type relations and experiences that are gradually eclipsing and replacing the deeper and more meaningful offline living and interactions, a lot of us might not be well prepared to handle the storms of life.

Join me in the upcoming blog postings for few thoughts, ideas, and reflections on what I believe is needed to stay strong in the course of life, and to find abundance of rest, peace, and joy in life’s daily challenges and struggles.


Adel G. Hanna. M.D.

Author: Soldier To Soldier Heart to Heart

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