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Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9 am to 2 pm.

If outside Clinic hours, please leave a message and you will be called back during clinic hours.

Changes in hours or any additional hours will be posted here.

Please call 911 and go to the nearest Emergency Room if you experience any emergency

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Dr. Hanna, Alpha & Omega Healing Arts

  • Offers convenient and Personalized Appointments for new and existing patients. Patients are offered personal, compassionate, and wholesome medical and mental needs care via secure text messaging, emailing, over the phone, and via video appointments. We use the high industry standard spruce Health App, which is HIPAA compliant and  meets the highest standards for Telemedicine and Virtual Care.
  • Dr. Hanna is fluent in spoken and written Arabic and can easily communicate with any patient who prefers to speak Arabic.
  • Dr. Hanna offers Telemedicine and Virtual Care in Ohio with future plans to add similar services in Virginia and Pennsylvania. At the height of the Covid 19 pandemic Telemedicine was also offered in the following States: Indiana, Iowa, New York, Delaware, Vermont, Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska.
  • Future “House/Office Calls”, in-person medical and mental care will be incorporated to Virtual Telemedicine care in Certain regions in Ohio, and seasonally in Virginia and Pennsylvania.
  • Dr. Hanna, will make each of your visits worthwhile where your opinion genuinely matters, and you feel valued, and not rushed or not listened to. Your questions and concerns will be fully addressed, and you will have easy access to him when needed by secure email, text, phone, and video visits.

Our Core Values


  • Treating others the way we want to be treated
  • Speaking the words of kindness, encouragement, and compassion that we want to hear.
  • No one is a body with a disease to be diagnosed, but a body, mind, and spirit in need of caring, and healing.
  • To uphold and pursue God’s values that are way higher than ours                                  



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