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Relaxing & Resting with Horse Grooming!

In this chaotic world especially now during the Covid19 pandemic, let’s make it a habit of doing something innocent, relaxing and comforting. Here’s one comforting activity to keep you calm and help rest your mind: Spend time with a horse, groom it, and may be even have a horse ride! Hopefully this video of The Art Of Horse Grooming by Abby will bring a smile to your heart. Cheers!

When Doctors & First Responders Fear

It brings tears to my eyes to see people united in love. The last few weeks I’ve witnessed that kind of love. Strangers, and people from all walks of life are showing genuine love and appreciation to first responders; nurses, nurse practitioners, PAs, lab workers, EMTs, and physicians. It’s so heart warming to see expressions of deep and genuine appreciation flowing towards those who are called to serve others.

Truly, it’s a war. A war not fought with America’s mighty weaponry, Kevlar helmets, body armors, and loaded M16s. But a war against an enemy named Covid 19 fought with stethoscopes, Personal Protective Equipment, N95 face masks, and scientific skills. The enemy is invisible, unpredictable, and the only way to overcome it, for now, is to avoid it. Until a vaccine to stop it is found, the planet continues to fight an invisible enemy that can kill, but thus far can’t be killed.

All Health-Care Workers in the Kill Zone

And so, as billions in our world wisely stay away from its destructive path, physicians, nurses, and first responders throughout the globe fearfully yet boldly enter into its kill zone. The number of infected health-care workers around the globe and those who died from Covid 19 is still not fully available but continues to grow. Here is an article with a partial tally of health care ‘soldiers’ who got infected or died in the line of duty.

According to an article in Oregon Public Broadcasting dated 4/6/2020, “Ohio, … reported at least 16% of its cases involved health care workers, while in Minnesota, it was 28% …Other countries are reporting COVID-19’s impact on their health care community. Spain has said at least 12,298 health care workers have tested positive for the disease – 14.4% of the total reported cases. More than 60 doctors have died in Italy.”

As expected, like many of the soldiers I took care of after their intense tour of duties in the battle fields, doctors and others who are fighting against the Coronavirus are starting to suffer from combat fatigue. The war against a deadly enemy with no boundaries and weapons to neutralize it is taking a heavy toll on many.

Physicians & Combat Fatigue

To physicians in particular who are already burdened by stressful administrative loads, loss of autonomy, and less time allowed for them to spend with patients, things couldn’t have been worse. Now, many engaging in fierce battles with Covid 19 are overwhelmed, stressed, and frightened. Their fears are intense, and mostly for the well being of their families. Transmitting a deadly virus to a loved one, who might succumb to it, is a heavy burden that’s so hard to bear.

But, just like in any physical battle, those who courageously fight our wars will ultimately bring us freedom and victory with God’s help. Yes, even as burnt out physicians, nurses, and first responders take care of patients affected by this invisible enemy and its terror, I choose to believe that all things will work out for the good.

You see, the Coronavirus even as it invaded our planet with destruction and fear, it unleashed the power of love in you and me. Commendably, we’re now agreeing to drastic unprecedented measures in our lives to help keep our fellow citizens safe. In essence, we’ve all become our brother’s keeper.

The Covid 19 War

Similarly as a physician, I and many of my colleagues in the medical field, are starting to unleash the power of love in us. Many of us deal face to face, examine and treat patients who have Covid -like symptoms or with Covid 19 disease. Others have left the confinement of brick and mortar clinics and took their medical and mental healing knowledge via telemedicine to millions of desperate patients in need of help.

Truly, many of us are becoming liberated from living only for ourselves and our interests to caring for our neighbor’s interests. In many ways, we as medical personnel are already winning the war against the Covid 19 menace. As we break free from the confinement of our brick and mortar buildings to help those in need, in – person or via a computer screen, we become free. Free from the artificial bureaucracy and administrative restraints of medical practice, and thus able to unleash the power of love to directly bless those in desperate need of our medical talents.

Overcoming Fears & Equipping Our Hearts With Love In The Covid 19 War

Sadly, Covid 19 will affect many among us. It’s an enemy that can claim our health and even lives. But, as we battle against it together, united in love, it will never claim our heart and soul. For in fighting it in unison, we become our brother’s keeper.

And just like soldiers in a battlefield, physicians and first responders are in the midst of a battle. Yet, often times they are not equipped with proper N95 masks and other essentials to fight it well. In reality, we’re all in the midst of this battle, with many losing jobs, companionship, and their sense of security. Indeed, we all have a role to play in this war from social distancing to following safety rules. Some of us are treating sick and anxious patients in person or via telemedicine, while many others are helping and keeping an eye on a neighbor in need.

Ultimately, this is a war where some sacrifice much or even die to save and protect others. It’s a war like no other against an invisible foe where our weapons of warfare are not just social distancing, N95 masks, hand sanitizers, and PPE that are often hard to find. But even most importantly, we must all be in prayers, and equipped with a heart of faith, hope and love to fully win the Coovid 19 battle.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13