Dr. Hanna



Adel G. Hanna, M.D.

 Board Certified in Family Medicine


Hi there! I’m Dr. Hanna.


“I started Alpha & Omega Healing Arts many years ago as a medical center that strived to be “An oasis in the deserts of life” where patients were treated not as numbers but as precious family members. Today, as I practice the Art and Science of medicine via Telemedicne, in a mobile fashion, and close to a direct primary care model, I’m applying the same principles of professional and compassionate medical care.”


Physicians and other medical providers are overwhelmed with the large volume of patients that they are expected to see in a speedy manner. That’s why physicians in general can’t find enough time to spend with patients to thoroughly address their medical and mental needs.
Dr. Hanna, and other physicians who find the current healthcare model of rushing patients and not finding enough time to spend with them as totally unacceptable, have resorted to creative ways to better care for their patients. Virtual medical care, Telemedicine, Direct Primary Care, and Concierge Medicine are some of the ways physicians are putting the  medical and mental  well being of patients first.
Our Skills
Dr. Hanna is Board Certified in Family Practice and Licensed in the States of Ohio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. He  finished his medical school in Ohio, and his specialization in Family Medicine in the prestigious University Of Minnesota Family Practice Program. He is also an author, blogger and enjoys podcasting, Vlogging, and travelling.
He has practiced 20 plus years Primary Care/ Family Medicine/Urgent care and offered professional and compassionate medical care to thousands of children, adolescents, men, women, soldiers and veterans.
Dr. Hanna has extensive experience of over five years treating college students for urgent care needs, and college-age related diseases including mental illness.
Dr. Hanna offers visits to Arabic speakers in the Arabic language as he is fluent in written and spoken Arabic. Many patients who prefer to speak in Arabic have greatly benefited from this service.
Additionally, he has treated many patients in multiple States using Telemedicine. Dr. Hanna believes Virtual Care/Telemedicine is a great innovation, when used wisely and appropriately, that can offer excellent and compassionate medical care to a great number of people. 
“My many years of medical practice have taught me the ever present link between physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We need all of the above to have a better and healthier life. Alpha & Omega Healing Arts LLC is my humble attempt to use the experience of my many years of practicing the art of medicine to help many.”


Dr. Hanna