The Trials, tribulations, and triumphs of undergrad life and beyond


Dear reader, the journey of undergrad life is an unforgettable one.

It’s one where challenges, temptations, and failures try to bring young, evolving minds down, even as triumphs and accomplishments lift them up.

The joy and excitement of seventeen year old young men and women awaiting anxiously for their college of choice acceptance letter, quickly transitions unto the mind blowing freedom that they suddenly experience away from their moms’ and dads’ daily supervision.

Faced with a vast array of endless choices that they can now sample, taste and try without curfews, and the risk of being grounded, ready- or- not millions of eighteen and nineteen year old undergrads begin their arduous marsh towards their ultimate destination: The Land of Graduation.

This blog is about the journey of challenges awaiting them. It’s about the critical thinking needed to cross to the finish line.

Future blog posts to follow.


Read on.

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