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Adel Gobran Hanna, M.D. Board Certified in Family Practice, and member of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations, has treated for many years thousands of patients including teenagers, college students and numerous soldiers and veterans for multiple physical and emotional ailments. He was born in Khartoum, Sudan few blocks from the great River Nile, of devout Christian parents; an Ethiopian mother, and a father born in Egypt of Lebanese ancestry. 

He came to America after finishing high school to pursue a God-given dream of becoming a doctor in America. 

He shares in his published book Soldier to Soldier, Heart to Heart, the candid, powerful, and courageous stories of American soldiers as they went to or from the war zones. He paints, as their physician, with his words, a vivid picture of every soldier’s heart in these stories, their set backs, failures, hopes, and dreams. 

Ultimately, it is his firm believe that these stories are not only from the heart of one soldier to another, but stories from the very heart of The loving God to their very hearts and ours. Soldier to Soldier, Heart to Heart, is Dr. Hanna’s contribution to America, the land of his dreams.

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